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Cole Powers - Burnout Enthusiast

Entrepreneur | Coach | Adrenaline Junkie

Whether it is an engineering career, starting a business, or riding a bull - Cole Powers dives in wholeheartedly. But most of all, Cole is a burnout enthusiast. Since childhood, he has been obsessed with finding meaning and fulfillment in life, and placing these expectations in poorly chosen objectives left him shattered and burnt out.


Cole was fortunate enough to have reached his dreams of working as an engineer and Tesla, co-founded IntelliCulture, and learned along the way how dangerous it can be to meet your hero and to learn they aren't who you thought. After a shaking revelation that his dream he had achieved was not what he had imagined, Cole hit a turning point in life. He was burnt out. It was then that Cole committed to a lifelong journey of personal development with a focus on wellness, and found his passion in helping others discover what makes them tick. Since commencing this journey, Cole has continued to run IntelliCulture and has launched his own motivational business to share his lessons so you can learn them quicker and more efficiently.

Cole strives to teach individuals how to maximize their fulfillment and potential through learning to harness resilience and being cognizant of their energy.

Whether you are just starting your career, looking for a change or simply searching for more, Cole's workshops, coaching and wellness tools are sure to help you gain clarity and confidence in your life's direction.

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Self paced wellness for the curious. Coaching for those wanting more. Workshops and keynotes for larger groups.

Cole offers something for anyone committed to their own success and development.


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- One on One Coaching -

Early Stage Entrepreneurship

I originally contacted Cole Powers for advice on how to improve my start-up pitch presentation. His comments were very thought-out and he provided me with valuable insight on how I could restructure my presentation to be better understood by anyone. I would recommend Cole to anyone who is looking for advice on developing and pitching early stage venture ideas.

Justin Wong

Co-Founder - XP Fantasy

- Keynote Speaking -

Early Stage Entrepreneurship

Cole is a very well spoken individual with exceptional communication and sales skills. Cole offered to speak to my second year Entrepreneurship students to share his entrepreneurial story.  He is an extremely knowledgeable entrepreneur and engaging speaker that motivated my students to pursue their own entrepreneurial journey.  If you are looking for an energetic motivational speaker connect with Cole he is brilliant!

Marc Ford

Professor - Durham College

- Workshops -

Burnout & Balance - Harnessing Resilience

As an enthusiast of positive wellbeing, Cole is a realistic motivational speaker who connects with his audience in an authentic, engaging, and meaningful manner. At a recent Conrad Connect event, Cole provided the students with several practical and novel strategies that could be immediately implemented to improve their current levels of health and wellbeing.

Janet Boekhorst

Assistant Professor - University of Waterloo

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