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Mountains in Clouds

seeking joy

Seeking joy is an interactive manual that guides readers to a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Too many of us live life for tomorrow and miss the experience of joy along the way. We live our lives in ‘what ifs’, ‘if onlys’ and ‘maybe whens’. Seeking Joy examines an approach to life that orients the mind in pursuit of joy.

The process is broken into six domains; perspective, attention, experience, intention, expectation, and growth. This manual consists of a wrenching collection of stories, insights and comparisons of various sources on fulfillment and joy. Between starting companies, crippling depression and even bull riding, the book examines life from a multitude of lenses. Beyond that, you will have your learning put to the test through challenges and activities for increased retention of the concepts contained within.

Throughout the journey of the book, you will examine concepts such as perspective, flow, and personal philosophies and experience an objective look at the combination of these factors to orient yourself to a life of authenticity and alignment, and to ultimately seek joy.

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